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Introducing: Tab Atkins

Photo of Tab Atkins

We’re just a little excited to announce the latest addition to our speaker lineup: Tab Atkins Jr.

Tab works for Google on the Chrome team as a Web Standards Hacker, editing many of the specs we benefit from every day. Being a hacker, and working on specifications, places him high on my list of internet heroes.

Tab edited of many of the CSS3 specifications we all know and love, including:

Tab was a full-time web developer before being hired by Google, so he’s familiar with the real world pain of working with CSS. This experience seems to lead to very interesting and insightful spec proposals, including his recently published will-change, and features you might be familiar with from pre-processors such as Variables and Nesting. And his blog is a treasure trove of CSS discussion and general web hacker goodies.

If you’re interested in the future of CSS, how specifications and standards are made, or want to talk about the parent selector with someone who really, really knows what he’s talking about; then grab yourself a ticket whilst they’re still available.