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Introducing: Nicolas Gallagher

Photo of Nicolas Gallagher

There are few people whose work becomes an essential part of developing for the web, which is why we’re excited to be announcing yet another one of these individuals: Nicolas Gallagher.

Nicolas (or @necolas) was a web developer in the UK before joining the flock at Twitter as a front-end developer.

He created normalize.css (the updated and gentler cousin of the classic reset.css) and contributed to a range of awesome projects including HTML5 Boilerplate, Bower, Idiomatic CSS, and Suit (my personal favourite).

Nicolas has spent years exploring modular CSS patterns, sharing a treasure-trove of techniques on his site, and regularly challenging conventional wisdoms such as “Don’t use extra elements” and “Don’t use unsemantic class names.”

His breadth of experience provides a unique position to speak about the state of web development, and we couldn’t be more excited to bring him over from San Francisco to share this with us.

If you want to catch Nicolas you should purchase a ticket whilst they’re still available.