Photo of Tim Lucas Tim Lucas @toolmantim


Early bird sold out

Wow, what a few days since launch! We were hoping to catch up on some sleep after launching ticket sales, but it’s just been go-go-go.

Since last Wednesday we’ve had another few speakers lined up (announcement coming soon), 9 talk proposal submissions (we know the number, but can’t look at them yet), and the early bird tickets have all sold out.

If you didn’t get hold of an early bird ticket, never fear! Everyone who submits a talk proposal (by Friday 21 February) will be eligible for the early bird pricing, regardless of whether your proposal is accepted.

Now’s the time to talk about that cool thing you did a few months back, or perhaps nudge someone you know who would be great to have as a speaker.

And lastly a massive, massive thank you to everyone for your support! We’ve got some exciting things in the pipeline, and we’re thrilled that you’re as excited as we are.